Oct. 20, 2022

Bonus Edition: Can The Iranian Revolution Succeed? - Mo News Interview with Reza Aslan

Bonus Edition: Can The Iranian Revolution Succeed? - Mo News Interview with Reza Aslan

The Iranian Islamic regime is currently up against the biggest threat in more than 40 years. Can the coalition of Iranian protesters succeed in bringing down the dictatorship? 

Mosheh recently spoke to Iran expert and NY Times bestselling author, Reza Aslan, who has a new book out:  An American Martyr in Persia.

Aslan was born in Iran and his family escaped the rise of the Islamic regime in 1979. We discuss his family history, what led us to the current revolution and what is next. We go through various scenarios on why this revolution might succeed as well as what might cause it to fail.

We also discuss his book, which tells the extraordinarily compelling, true story of Howard Baskerville, 22-year old Christian missionary from Nebraska who became a commander in the 1906 Iranian Revolution. Baskerville’s story has lessons for the latest revolution, more than a century later.

And finally, Aslan talks about the evolution Islam is currently going through and how it compares to how Christianity and Judaism changed over time.

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Mosheh Oinounou (@mosheh) is an Emmy and Murrow award-winning journalist. He has 20 years of experience at networks including Fox News, Bloomberg Television and CBS News, where he was the executive producer of the CBS Evening News and launched the network's 24 hour news channel. He founded the @mosheh Instagram news account in 2020 and the Mo News podcast and newsletter in 2022.

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