July 7, 2022

Crypto Is Dead. Or Is It? - A Conversation

Crypto Is Dead. Or Is It? - A Conversation

Summer is heating up but we're deep in a "crypto winter." Cryptocurrencies are having their worst year in a decade. The leading currency, Bitcoin, is down more than 70% from it's all-time high last November and the overall crypto market has lost nearly $2 trillion in value. At the same time, some crypto banks and so-called "stable coins" have gone bankrupt and several companies are laying off workers.

Crypto skeptics are reveling and saying "I told you so," while the hardcore HODL'ers say it will come back even stronger! So what is going to happen? 

Mosheh interviews crypto-journalist and the author of the "Crypto Uncomplicated" newsletter, Zack Guzman. They talk about crypto’s past, what popped the bubble, how bad it might get, how to keep your investment safe and what the future looks like in this space. Guzman previously reported for Yahoo Finance and CNBC. His bottom line: We are finding out who is "swimming naked” and only the best crypto projects will survive this bloodletting. 

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