June 29, 2022

How Can The World Save Itself - A Conversation with Ian Bremmer

How Can The World Save Itself - A Conversation with Ian Bremmer

After several weeks focused on the US, we are going global in our conversation this week as the US and major western powers hold meetings at the G7 and NATO. 

Eurasia Group founder and political scientist Ian Bremmer has a new book out, where he lays out the challenges and solutions to what he says are the three biggest crises facing the world: climate change, pandemics and disruptive technology.

A leading thinker on global affairs, Bremmer talks to Mosheh about why he is an optimist andt the world can prevent catastrophe.

In his new NY Times best-seller, "The Power of Crisis," Bremmer draws lessons from global challenges of the past 100 years—including the most recent pandemic—to show how the global community might respond.  He also talks about the latest in Ukraine, what is next for China, Iran and the state of the Middle East in the conversation.


Mosheh Oinounou (@mosheh) is an Emmy and Murrow award-winning producer with 20 years of experience at networks including Fox News, Bloomberg Television and CBS News, where he was the executive producer of the CBS Evening News and launched the network's 24 hour news channel. He launched the @mosheh Instagram news account in 2020.

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