July 27, 2022

‘I Love War, I Hate War’ A Veteran’s Story One Year After the Afghan Withdrawal

‘I Love War, I Hate War’ A Veteran’s Story One Year After the Afghan Withdrawal

We will be marking one year since the beginning of the chaotic & tragic U.S. exit from Afghanistan next month. The rushed withdrawal brought America’s 20-year war to an abrupt end, allowing the Taliban to rapidly retake control of Afghanistan.

Mo News starts our anniversary coverage with a conversation with a US war veteran about their remarkable experience in battle and tough recovery here at home. 

Mosh spoke to former Army Staff Sgt. Benjamin Sledge, who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He has a new book out, called "Where Cowards Go to Die," - a brutally honest portrait of war, bravery, and sacrifice. Sledge speaks candidly about the trauma of war and the mental health toll it has taken on tens of thousands of veterans.

Note: The episode starts with a few of today’s headlines. 

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Mosheh Oinounou (@mosheh) is an Emmy and Murrow award-winning journalist. He has 20 years of experience at networks including Fox News, Bloomberg Television and CBS News, where he was the executive producer of the CBS Evening News and launched the network's 24 hour news channel. He founded the @mosheh Instagram news account in 2020 and the Mo News podcast and newsletter in 2022.

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