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Keeps me informed

Mo News is the way I start everyday. Mosh is so dedicated to thoroughly sorting through the most important current news events and explaining them in a clear concise way. He keeps political leanings and biases out of it, which is refreshing and appreciated. Even when Jill can’t be there to share the mic, Mo is entertaining and reliable. I was a longtime listening of Cheddar Need2Know, and I have become a fan and loyal listener of Mo Mews. Keep up the terrific reporting!

Love This Podcast!

This podcast is everything I’ve ever wanted in a news outlet. It’s thorough but quick, allowing me to be up to date on all of the main headlines by the time I finish my morning routine. It’s truly unbiased, to the extent that I can’t tell where Mosh and Jill’s personal political opinions lie because they give equal attention to both sides. And they manage to cover all topics, even sad ones, without us feeling depressed by the end of the episode. I think this is because of their natural chemistry and ability to offer a little positive banter without slowing the podcast down. The only way I could see improving the show is if the episodes could come out a touch earlier in the morning. I typically start listening at 6:30 AM and they’re usually out by then but once or twice they haven’t been. Overall, I love the show and I think Mosh and Jill are making the world a better place with this podcast!

My go-to!

This is the first thing I turn on every morning. Love these two, and appreciate having this podcast to keep me informed and start my morning off right. Thank you Mosh and Jill!


Quick and efficient way to get daily news highlights in a non-partisan fashion. But what sets this pod apart is the hosts, who are genuine, open-minded, and just generally good people. Can’t recommend enough!

The third floor

I think that you and Sharon McMahon are the authors of that book..White House living on the third floor I’m a boomer and you are my daily news.., thank you both for your hard work and honest news source

Excellent alternative to Mosheh’s trustworthy insta stories

This scores a 14/10 for me. Love the variety and the measured tone.

Great podcast

Absolutely love this show and all Mosh News! Been regularly following the Instagram account since early 2020 as my major source of genuine news and was so excited when the podcast came out.

So grateful!

It’s so helpful to have a quick daily podcast with the news. Thank you for your work!

Highly recommend

Best way to be quickly informed AND have fun

Informative & entertaining

This show is a daily listen for me - gives an objective view on the most important news of the day. The hosts are also charming and I especially enjoy the episodes with Jill Wagner as co-host!

Perfect daily digest

Have been a loyal Mo News Instagram follower for a few years and have quickly become a dedicated listener to this pod. Thanks for making reading the news fun again!

Best start to the day!

Love starting my morning with your show.


I dance to the into music and follow Mosh on Instagram. What else needs to be said? The accuracy is incredible and the honestly makes it worth it. Also, Mosh is just like us.

Real News Real Fast

Huge shout out to MoNews. He truly reports the news in an unbiased fashion. It is refreshing to hear an impartial voice in a world filled with divisiveness. P.S. Team Top Sheet

Best curated news!

Between his IG and this podcast, Moshe is the top at curating and reporting the news!! I always read his IG but just recently started listening this the podcast. It’s excellent! I love the way he not only reports but explains the news in an informational and unbiased manner. And he’s also fun and entertaining! Jill is a great host with him!

On target

I’ve been following Mo on Instagram for quite some time. He is thorough, he is fair and really is a true journalist. He’s also funny, succinct and always shows you his sources and keeps his information evidence-based.


As an avid Jill and Carlo Cheddar listener, I am so thrilled for this podcast to be in existence. Jill and Mosheh are a dream team: smart, thoughtful, kind, real and insightful. I’ve listened to every episode thus far, and have enjoyed the extra interviews so much!

Love Having Jill Back!!!!

Love Having Jill Back!!!!


I have listened every morning from the very beginning!! Excellent in every way!!

Nice way to get the news

I enjoy getting just a brief overview of news around the world without all the drama and fluff so many news channels add. Moshe gets to the point and cuts through to what is important.

Favorite podcast - ever.

Appreciate the interview with Reza, learned so much.

Love it!

I love that I can quickly be informed without worrying about being misinformed. Mosh is very good at telling the news without spin, and always uses verified sources! I feel like that’s such a rarity these days and I am so glad to have found this podcast!

The best daily news podcast

This is the podcast that will fill the void if you are a fellow fan of Cheddar’s “Need2Know” podcast. The daily rundown presents the top stories along with pertinent facts — all delivered without bias. The bonus episodes are thought provoking and help shed light on major topics.

Quick news

Love Mo. The pod gives you quick unbiased news, with some fun tidbits sprinkled in.

Very thorough, easy to listen to News

As someone who has very strong views on both sides of the political spectrum, I’ve always considered myself a moderate. Over the last five or ten years I’ve found myself getting sucked over to one side- a part of the nations biggest rivalry. After Jan 6 I felt shocked and confused and started to see the “rivalry” and division and hatred between the two parties for what it really is. A threat to our democracy. But folks, we can disagree without hatred. I’ve searched high and low for a neutral news source where I can get news without opinion, that’s not boring, that gives news about relevant topics and isn’t all doom and gloom. Well I’ve found it!!!!! Mo News, his Newsletter, and his Instagram account are all amazing. He is SO good! He goes into just enough detail, and explanation of the past and has interesting little tidbits about every story. The podcast is about a half hour in the mornings (or less) that keeps me on top of things without telling me what my opinion should be. Highly, highly recommend!!!

Great podcast!

The climate podcast was great. As a science teacher, I appreciated hearing his viewpoint.

No Nonsense News

Mo Gets Straight to the Point! Love the quick news updates!

Reading Between The Lines

Mo is THEE best as gathering all the facts, newsworthy articles and letting you know what’s going on in the world without overwhelming you! I love that it’s a quick 20 minutes and even has some interesting stories sprinkled in.

Best Non-Biased Reporting Podcast

I have followed MoNews for quite sometime now. I used to search multiple news sites in order to get multiple views on a news story but now I don’t have to. MoNews does that for me. He represents stories from multiple view points and gives you, pardon the expression, just the facts. He is a trusted source in the media landscape. He and his wife work tirelessly to bring us consistent updates on news and other interesting subjects in the world. Also he is accountable if he misses something and is willing to make corrections. I really appreciate the work they do and they are in IMHO worth following.

Quick and Efficent

I found Mo through another podcast (4 things with Amy Brown) and started following him on Instagram. I now look forward to his podcast each morning. I love that it’s quick, factual, and covers world events and pop culture. It has been a way I can stay informed without effecting my mental health, unlike most news outlets/social media. I also really enjoy his bonus episodes. Thanks for what you do!