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So grateful for Mo News

I appreciate his unbiased reporting, his method of making hard topics easy to understand, and his ability to engage with his audience. Makes me enjoy listening to news again.


LOVE this podcast. Straight to the point, no fluff, just facts and no bias. You can’t get better than this one and I look forward to listening every day.

Bite sized current events

Love my mornings with Mosheh and Jill. They keep me informed on all of the weeks current events and news, in a non partisan, upbeat way. I love the rapport between Mo and Jill. Mo News doesn’t leave me feeling anxious about the state of the world like cable news, or other news podcasts. I’m able to stay well informed, in a less overwhelming way. I look forward to listening every weekday morning. I especially enjoy the, on this day in history, and what are we watching, eating, and reading, segments at the end of episodes, as a nice pallet cleanser after the news. I recommend this podcast to everyone!

Best way to start the day

I used to start my day watching the local news but found that listening to this podcast when I get ready every morning leaves me informed without stressing me out.

Posted early for us early risers!!

A comprehensive summary of the goings on in the world. I start every morning with Mo & Jill, my fellow Xennials!

One of the Best

I listen to Mo News every morning while getting ready for work. They’re do a great job presenting the daily news, and I’m thankful that they read in-between the lines. If you aren’t already listening, are you even doing with your life?

Thank you for “fixing” the way news is delivered to me!

My daily go-to for news. This podcast keeps me informed without all the partisan stuff. The little one at the end who thanks me for listening is adorable! Thanks Mo and Jill!

Love the non-bias

I stopped watching the news as they are usually leaving one way or another. I appreciate Mo and Jill’s non-biased take. They just tell you the facts.

Thankful for this Podcast

This podcast changed my relationship with news. I previously avoided news and staying informed because I didn’t know where to get trustworthy information. In comes Mo News and I’m informed and a feel like a more valuable voter and member of society. Thanks for making tough topics accessible without bias!

My Daily News Intake

Update: I just wanted to updated this review to include how much I enjoy Jill being part of this podcast. The solo episodes are good and I still appreciate the news I get from them, but the podcast really shines when Mosh and Jill walk through the news together. It really does feel like listening to two (very intelligent) chatting and makes the news so much more approachable! This podcast and Mosh’s Instagram account are how I get my news every day. I love how he presents the news based on the facts and his own commentary is always very balanced. There just isn’t anyone else doing news like this right now. I feel Mosh is a source that Democrats and Republicans can both feel comfortable getting news from.

All the news you need!

If you want straight and to the point news with no opinions or bias - this is it! I have been looking for a place to just get the facts and form my own thoughts and this is it. I love the chemistry and banter between Moshe and Jill - you can tell they both love what they do and are extremely knowledgeable on providing accurate and up to date information. Thanks for making my commute that much better and giving me the news for the day! I’ve always been a fan of Jills work in the industry and happy to hear her voice again!

my favorite podcast!

i listen to mo news every single morning & feel off on the weekends when there isn’t an episode! i love the unbiased information & truly feel much more educated on what’s going on in the world. i will forever be a fan!

Can’t start the day without Mo and Jill

My work days begins with the Mo News podcast. I enjoy listening to the news each morning with Mo and Jill. As a fellow elder millennial I appreciate the 90’s pop culture references sprinkled in with the headlines and major news stories. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping me informed!

A must for factual news!

His podcast and Instagram stories are perfect at sharing news in a non-partisan and factual way. The episodes with Josh Rogin blow me away! I’m hooked. Mosh is fantastic.

Unbiased news!

I love listening to this podcast to get the facts and details about what’s going on in the world. I can trust them to be unbiased which is so rare! Thanks for all the hard work on this podcast.

Great News Compilation

Mo News is one of my favorite news sources because they really condense the news I should keep in my radar to feel like I am informed of what is happening in the world without being overwhelmed by “news noise”. In my assessment they keep it brief and objective, while brightening their podcast with fun recaps of what happened in this day in years past and some singing and what I would consider trivia. Won’t go back to cable news stations unless it’s local news.

Make this part of your morning routine.

I can’t miss an episode of this podcast. Mosh and Jill make listening to the news fun… finally.

Restored my faith in news!!

Mosheh and Jill changed the way I look at modern news. Started following on IG and was so happy when the podcast started. Proof that informative and unbiased news is possible.

Love this podcast!

It helps me feel informed but not overwhelmed. And the hosts have a great rapport.

Great podcast!

Love this podcast and all the special episodes and interviews Mosh and Jill do. Special on China was great to listen to understand the bigger problemS at hand.

Grateful for this way to keep informed!

Receiving news in an unbiased way is the best way to keep informed. I love that this podcast and Mosheh IG complement each other perfectly. It truly provokes deeper thought to encourage us to make informed decisions all while keeping it light with humor when appropriate.

Best News Podcast

I love Mosh and Jill. Such a great news podcast. The special interviews are so helpful and I have learned a ton. Just finished the interview about the spy balloon and I’m making my teenager listen next!

Concise and non-biased. Finally!!!

They do a great job of hitting important topics without the spin. I’ve avoided basically all news outlets for probably the last decade or so because they were either just click bait or wanted to only give their spin. Mo and Jill hit the highlights without getting too heavy and sprinkle in pop culture without the “Kardashian Effect” or the salaciousness you hear so often. Love this podcast and these two!

Great Daily News

This podcast is an excellent way to get an overview of the big issues in the news with limited bias! I find the balance between providing detail but staying brief is great and they are able to cover many topics. Mosheh and Jill are great together and add humor and a more conversational tone which I enjoy.

Mo News

Great way to start your day! Appreciate the unbiased just the facts approach and humor. 10/10.

Best news source!

I love that I can start my day with an unbiased news source (included with some humor & singing). Mosheh and Jill make the news easy to understand by giving background on subjects or meanings as to why something is important. Highly recommend!!

Daily Listener

I listen every morning while I walk my dog. It’s just the right amount of factual, unbiased information to start my day. I feel well informed, but skip the drama and opinions from cable news.

Simple, funny, to the point

I really like this podcast to inform me of all the top news points. It’s much less depressing than listening to any other news source.

Best News Podcast

This has quickly become my favorite news podcast. Thanks for the great information!

A Daily Source

This is my go to for daily news. Informative, efficient and enjoyable.