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Love love love this podcast

Mo News Podcast is excellent. They read the news so you don’t have to is their description of their podcast and it is so true.

News from on Mosh and Jill!

I do not listen to any other news program. Mosh and Jill have great chemistry and also report unbiased news! So thankful for their voices during this crazy time of division in our country!

The best news podcast

Started listening about a year ago and it quickly became a part of my morning routine.

News you can look forward to each day

Our weary souls have been battered and bruised by the media. So many people have just stopped listening to protect their piece of mind. Mo News entered the scene and changed the way we consume the news. First with his instagram account and now with this podcast. Mosh and Jill are informative, unbiased and entertaining. I look forward to listening each morning. I’ve got my husband and 19-yr old daughter listening now as well. Look no further for your new source of news that will fill you up each day.

Soo Refreshing!!

Mo and Jill do an awesome job of doing exactly what they say!! Keeping us informed without all the judgement and opinions!!! Love it!!

Morning news done right

Started listening at the beginning of 2023 and I’m never going back. Factual, informative, AND entertaining without being hyper politicized or inflammatory. Highly recommend.

Excellent journalism

My number one source for news. Very educational and informative.

Love it!

I love starting my day with Mosh and Jill. I feel like I can finally keep up with current events without sacrificing my mental health😀

So Refreshing!

This is my 1st stop for the latest news when I’m starting my day. This combo will not disappoint with their fact checking expertise and entertaining spin on it all.

Listen everyday!

Love getting all my news from Mosh and Jill! Best way to start my day!


Love listening to this podcast - such great personalities and I learn so much in each episode!!

Comprehensive, reliable, and fun!

Absolutely love Mosh and Jill! Was thrilled when they teamed up for this pod, and it did not disappoint! I recommend to everyone I know and look forward to the episode each morning. Extremely well done.

Best News Podcast!

Been listening to Mosh and Jill for a couple months now and between them and Sharon McMahon, this is where I get my news from. Every other news outlet is extra. There isn’t a slant or an opinion they’re trying to get across, it’s just the news along with fun topics added into it. Highly recommend, best news podcast and one of the few best ways to get true news!

Best Daily Pod

I’ve been a long time follower of both Mosh (via IG) and Jill (from her days at Cheddar). The two of them together are outstanding. This is my first pod I listen to everyday and in days I only have time for one, this is the one. Easy digestible news stories with just enough personal flair from the two. I feel in the know when I listen to this pod. Both Jill and Mosh have great news experience and I love they have started this daily podcast!

Love it!

Just discovered your podcast and loving it. You guys have great personalities and make it really interesting. Topics are on point. Also a big supporter of Jeff Dauhler, so glad you’re working with him. Keep up the good work!


Mosh and Jill are so great! I follow Mosh on IG so this was a natural add for me - i was an avid The Daily listener and Mo News has become my go to now :) Edit to say I am also loving the “On this day”

Team Don’t Stop Singing

I listen almost every day and even catch up on the weekend if I miss one. I like keeping up to date on what’s going on and I enjoy the occasional lighthearted comments, little bits of singing, and Jill’s fantastic laugh. It makes me smile and turns hearing the news, which can be depressing, into a more pleasant experience.

The Best

Moshe and Jill are my top source for unbiased news, and the first podcast I listen to each day. They present the day's top news stories with fair and accurate reporting, with a side of trivia and some laughs. Jill's ability to Name That Tune and sing it as well is icing on the cake. Love this team. @Moshe, send Jill some champagne.

Listen here first

This is the first podcast I listen to every day, even if I was in the middle of an episode of a different podcast the day before. They are succinct and straightforward and I appreciate that!

The best daily news podcast

I listen to several daily news podcasts and this one is by far my favorite!


A quick listen at the start of my morning to get caught up on news. Love the banter between the two hosts as well.

Love but please stop singing

Y’all I love you! This is the best podcast for daily news. But the recent singing makes me want to turn it off. Please I beg, no more 😂

The Best News Podcast

I listen to a few news podcasts daily and this one is my favorite! Mosh and Jill read the headlines so you don’t have to! They share the headlines and all the information that matters. They give excellent context, which is some thing many other news podcasts are lacking. The news is presented in a politically balanced manner without sensationalization. The tone of the podcast is casual and conversational, making it an enjoyable listen. It’s a fantastic podcast!

My go-to podcast, can't live without!

I absolutely love Mo News, it's my must listen every day! Mosheh and Jill are so fun and easy to listen to. I just really look forward to their conversation!

The best news source there is

This is by far the best news podcast there is. This type of news breakdown is extremely unbiased, straight forward, and quite frankly, very rare. They allow listeners to learn the news without telling you how to feel about it- journalism 101!

Great news podcast

Really well done podcast. Mosheh and Jill do a really good job balancing the news and reporting important topics in a very succinct fashion. Worth a listen every AM.

My number 1 source for news these days!

Mo’s instagram updates and this podcast are the only ways I get my news these days. I hate sifting through countless articles with clickbait headlines and I like hearing the NEWS, not an opinion. I highly recommend this podcast!!!

Favorite news podcast!

I have followed Mo on Instagram for a while. I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed just getting the facts of current events. Now I have gotten in the habit of listening to the podcast every day and it has become one of my regulars and one of my favorites. I listen in the car with my teenagers sometimes and it sparks some good conversations. They even enjoy it!

Best way to get the news!

It’s so helpful to have a quick daily podcast with the news that’s also enjoyable to listen to. Huge thanks to Mosheh and Jill!!

Detailed, fair, fun

This podcast and Mo’s IG has become my primary way to consume news on a daily basis. Love Mo and Jill.