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Easy to listen to

Simple, easy way to get facts about what’s going on in the world. I don’t care to watch actual news channels anymore, but I do like this podcast and Mosh’s Instagram page. It’s always informative and well-delivered.

Love Mosh!

Effective communication of current events without bias. LOVE Mosh!

Fight Through the Clutter…Listen to Mo News

We live in a world filled with clutter and distraction. We need to be informed but don’t want our time wasted. Mo News is a quick way to start (or finish) your day and stay informed but not deluged with non-sense. I listen on 1.2-1.5 and love it!

I listen to this every morning

Very enjoyable news/show done quickly and efficiently. I found Mosheh on Instagram and was so happy to find out he put out this podcast. I love listening to the info without having to read it

He asks the right questions

I have followed Mosheh on IG for some time and just began listening to his podcasts. I like the concise manner he organizes his topics when he is covering news of the day. With an interview format, he lets his guests have the spotlight but asks the questions that fill in the narrative. Easy to follow and informative.

Fast Favorite!

I stumbled upon this podcast when it first started and I was immediately hooked. Love the daily run-down of the news. The unbiased presentation is refreshing! Everyone should subscribe to this. Thank you!

My favorite source of news

Excellent podcast, interesting, moves quickly, Mosheh’s comments and questions are spot on.

Definitely worth the time

What a lucky find. Simply the best daily reporting and periodic interviews I’ve found to date. Mo is factual and honest in his reporting. What ever you age …young and old …you enjoy Mo’s refreshing view on current events.

Time Well Spent

I first heard Mosheh interviewed on another podcast in September 2021. I began following him on IG immediately. His podcast is great & I have yet to be disappointed in his balance, style & delivery of information…. and that doesn’t mean I agree with everything. Listening to his podcast is definitely time well spent!

Highly Recommend!

This is the best news podcast out there. Mosh does such an amazing job breaking down the news in a way that’s easy to understand and never overwhelming. I love that there’s no drama here, just facts. I also love the guest interviews, I’ve learned so much from this podcast. Thank you Mosh!


I started following his instagram page a year or so ago because I wanted an unbiased news source! Now every morning my husband and I (and my mom and sisters and several friends) tune in every morning on commutes to get caught up on the news. It’s excellent!

Great concise content - listen every morning

Thoughtful coverage on all of the top headlines with a dusting of “soft news.” I listen every morning. Keep the good stuff coming!

The best!

My “Go To” for news that is quick, concise, and unbiased. He has a nice sense of humor as well…Check him out on instagram, too!

No Nonsense News, but still fun to listen!

I started following him on Instagram, and I’m so glad there’s a podcast for my commute now too! Why would you get news anywhere else?!

One of my favorites

I listen to podcasts almost all day as I travel a lot for work. Mo is quickly becoming a favorite and one of the very first I listen to as soon as I see a new episode is available. I appreciate the verified sources and unbiased delivery. I also love all of the knowledgeable guests he’s had!


I have been following Mosheh from the beginning (2+ years ago now), and he has been consistent and thorough in his reporting. He never gives his option, he only states facts. FINALLY someone who can report news and not try to sway my opinion. I am so glad he started this podcast. I am able to pop my AirPods in and get some work done instead of being distracted by the TV delivering on sided and questionable “facts” at best. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a chance!!!

Great way to start your day!

I found Mosheh on Instagram and would reach for his stories each morning - now I have the option of a daily podcast. Love it! He gives you the news - no rage ranting - just the news no spin.

Fast & Unbias

Saw him first on Instagram randomly and I’m so glad I did! Most honest, unbiased look at what is happening around the world and fast! Love it!!

Mo News is mo better.

I started listening to Mosheh way back when he had like 5,000 followers. Loved his Monday Instagram live. Always wished it was in podcast form so I could listen while I did other things. Am so excited to have it in podcast form now.

The Only News to Follow

I continue to be impressed by the MoNews Podcast and the amazing creator, Mosheh. In a day and age where we are bombarded with bias, it is not only refreshing, but vital to receive the straight facts. I will remain a long time supporter and fan and am excited to see this reliable platform continue to grow.

Favorite news podcast!

Mosh does a fantastic job at concisely providing the top headlines around the world in an unbiased way. No personal opinions added in, just the straight news.

Great source of unbiased news

Great podcast and Instagram account!

Balanced and True

I listen every day - what a refreshing way to get the news - balanced and true, no manipulation.

Great Podcast from a Great Source!

The podcast has been a great way to keep up with the day’s top news. Also, if you don’t catch Mosh and Al’s “Mondays with Mosh” on Instagram at 9pm est, you’re missing out on an hour of news and fun!

Best Source for News

For 2+ years now, Mosheh has been my number 1 source for news. How exciting we now get even more and in podcast form. These daily podcasts are interesting, relevant, and easy to take in. Thanks Mosheh! Please keep them coming.

Love the pod

Mo’s podcast is the cherry on top of his news dissemination. His guests bring great insight and knowledge to the topic of the day.

Love the info

Great podcast and love the format but wish the sound was better. Not sure if it’s the quality of the microphone or that they need to record in a better sounding space but the sound is hollow and detracts from the experience imho.

A must for factual news!

His podcast and Instagram stories are perfect at sharing news in a non-partisan and factual way.

Best news podcast!

This is the only newscast that I keep up with regularly. I can depend on MoNews to preset current happenings without the manipulative headlines and comments. I love the good news Monday story and the eating-watching-reading bits for the weekend!

my favorite way to start the day

I have enjoyed this podcast so much! It really helps me feel informed. I listen in the morning on my way to work and I was really excited when they decided to go daily! Keep up the great work!