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Easiest way to digest the headlines + the stories behind them

I am loving the daily format of Mo News - it’s replaced my public radio AM headline news reports. Mo is fresh and to the point with a bit of humor too. I also enjoy the occasional deeper episodes on specific topics but like that the majority of the daily episodes are easy to digest. Keep up the good work!

Remember the movie Mo’ Better Blues…

First time listening to this podcast, & absolutely LOVE it! Mo News makes the perspective Mo Better than the news blues😉

Great podcast!

I enjoy getting the news quickly and efficiently from you!

My favorite news podcast!

The Mo News podcast very quickly replaced half a dozen others I subscribe to as my favorite place for unbiased news. Thank you Mosh and Jill for bringing us the news in a fun and informative way. I always leave feeling more informed and better prepared for good current events banter!

Best unbiased news out there!

I’ve been following Mosheh since early in the pandemic. He curates and presents important news in a digestible an unbiased way. He’s my favorite news source and I was so happy when he and Jill started this podcast! Love it!!!

Best News Podcast

I love Mosh and Jill. Such a great news podcast.

Love Mo News!

Mosh and Jill are a great pair when it comes to keeping you up to date with all the happenings in the world! When I’m listening, I feel as if I’m having a great chat with friends over coffee about the world around us. Mosh also has great guest speakers on that dive in and actually explain some more complex current events. Such a great podcast.

Best out of the best!

Moshes made waves on IG with his clever, simple and entertaining way of parceling out news in the world on media overload. It’s my to go account since 2020, where I get all the news without the extra sensationalism and fear mongering. The podcast is a natural evolution, where we can stay in the loop about everything relevant in today’s 24/7 news cycle. Mo’s podcast delivers news for everyone in an easy, straightforward and understanding way. But most importantly, Mo’s intelligence, knowledge and passion make the podcast a reliable and trustworthy source of information, which is so hard to find these days.

Straight to point without emotion

Love this! Been following Mosheh for months now and i try my best to view every story he posts. Love the fast paced information given on the pod. Straight to the point without involving any emotions. No bias. Just news. A male version of Sharon Says So but on steroids!

Best news source

Mosheh and Jill are fun to listen to and a great way to keep up with the news!

Instagram fan

I have never been a podcast listener until Mo has started “the Mo you know” and I love it! Short, interesting, factual information. Im a fan of the podcast and a fan of his newsletter and Instagram!

Thank you!

Thank you for delivering news.. real news I appreciate your guests and thief insight I feel more empowered and understand the news much more clearly rather than rhetoric and opinions

Best Way to get news

I love Mo News! Mosheh is excellent at sharing unbiased news and providing different sides and helpful information. Love being able to follow his news in podcast form!

Fair and informative

I love how fair and balanced this podcast is, I also feel so much more informed about current events. Thanks Mosh!!

Must listen

Hands down must listen news. Concise and well-done stories!

A must listen to

No one does news better than Mo. succinct yet thorough and always intersting!

Love the unbiased reporting

As someone who had checked out of keeping up with the news (because I hated the biased tilt from both sides) it’s extremely refreshing to hear just the facts. Love it! I started following him on Instagram and appreciate that he has the podcast now because podcasts are my go to for when I’m performing mindless tasks. Thank you!

Best news source out there

Unbiased and concise reporting — a must follow

The best news source

MOSH is, hands down, the best news source out there and Mo News is most informative new podcast! @mosheh 💯

Awesome, as expected!!!!

Awesome, as expected!!!!


Mosh is THE BEST. Clear, focused, to the point. The facts we are all looking for, day to day, in one place. He’s doing the good work!!

06/22/22 Episode

Excellent episode! Very informative, I learned a lot! Great traveling tips provided!

Game. Changer.

I found Mosheh on Instagram probably around 8 to 10 months ago. Finding his new method of reporting on the news has been transformational for me. I love to be informed, but I can fall into doom scrolling quite easily. He breaks down the news in a way that takes out the intentional capitalizing off of anxiety, anger, or other emotions. The podcast continues in his same methods, creating an informed consumer without the zombie Fox/CNN effect. He is a true professional and I hope that this is the future of news. There is so much value to what he brings to the world.

Perfectly succinct podcast to give me all the different types of unbiased news I need

Happy this is finally out. The Instagram account and the newsletter have really changed how I consume news. Everyone should listen.

Best News Around

I’ve loved Mosh’s account for years. The way he presents news is fair and informative. I love the addition of a podcast and I love that they are short and easy to catch up on.

Happy To Have Mo!

A podcast that was well worth the wait! Mosheh makes the news digestible and I’m so glad to have another way to consume any work that he puts into the world. If you want to be up to date on current news stories and headlines without being bogged down in the thick of it, this is it! You’ll be better for it.

Real News

Mosh has been a godsend in a world of commentary and entertainment overtaking reporting.

Best News show

I have loved the Mo News Newsletter, the Mo News Instagram and the Podcast is even better! Thank you Amish and Jill for another wonderful news source!

Two of the best to deliver your news

The only news podcast you need. I’ve been listening to Jill’s previous news podcast for years and she is so refreshing, honest, and informative. Mosheh I have been following and been a Patreon subscriber to support also for a long time, because no one is as thorough on a broad range of topics. Not even large news organizations. Mo News is something different and I highly highly recommend if you’re even curious. It feels like you’re getting news and context from just a couple of your closest friends over a cup of coffee.