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Love listening . One complaint

My only complaint with this excellent podcast is that sometimes Mo speaks too fast. I would give it a four and a half, were that a choice. I appreciate the balanced review of the news. I think Mo is on to something with his suggestion of keeping standard time year round. Ban DLST.

Efficient, Balanced News

Mosh and Jill deliver the perfect blend of unbiased reporting, relevant information, and humor, leaving their listeners well informed, yet, somehow, also in a good mood. They present the news without any slant and provide important contextual facts as well. This pod is not a redundancy of the MoNews IG page- the pod provides a succinct narrative while the page allows one to find the sources and do a deeper dive, if interested. This pod is a gem in a landscape of biased, hysterical, and misinformed news programs.

New favorite news pod

I follow Mosh on IG and was excited for him to start this podcast. It is just as great as I hoped! Mosh and Jill have a great energy and deliver fact based news stories in just the right amount of time to listen every morning.

The Fresh Plan

I love listening everyday. Mosh and Jill make listening fun even when there is such bad news in this world. I love them singing at the end. They laugh at themselves and it makes me laugh.

Best daily news podcast out there

I love listening to Mosh and Jill to stay up to day on the latest headlines! In an era where it’s almost impossible to find truly unbiased news coverage, the Mo News Daily is as close as you can get. I get a recap of everything I need to know that’s going on in the news and Jill and Mosh’s playful banter make it fun!! Can’t recommend this podcast enough! Also go follow Mo News on Instagram - their IG stories are a great news feed too!

Best way to digest news

This my first podcast of the day and it’s a staple to stay up to date without getting bogged down in what the news can be. Great background in news, unbiased, reliable. Thanks for helping for stay current!

Refreshing & Educational

I love this unbiased, informative and entertaining news podcast. For the first time in my life I look forward to listening to the news. Mosh explains things in a way - by providing “in between the lines” subtext - that I feel informed in a way I have never been before.

Favorite Podcast

New favorite podcast! Huge fan of Mosh and Jill from Need2Know and Cheddar. So happy they are back and teamed up!

That laugh!

I started off listening to this podcast for a daily dose of news, after finding it from Instagram. I realize now that I’m listening for news…. And Mosheh’s adorable laugh. There’s just some thing about that innocent chuckle that brings some positivity into my day. Keep it up! Also I’m almost 40 and loving all the 80’s/90’s references.


This is precisely what the market desperately needed. It is so refreshing to get the news without biases either way. I couldn’t watch the news for years as it became unhealthy to consume, and now I’m back on track with current events! I look forward to the episode everyday and these two are great.

A Must Listen

The only new show I can listen to. I have to start every morning with Moshe and Jill. Thank you for setting the tone of my day and making news factual and tolerable again!

Informative yet entertaining

Two things I need in the morning: 1) cup of coffee 2) Mo News podcast! Absolutely love this podcast. This podcast is a great way of getting the most important news in a limited amount of time. Mosh and Jill have a great way of making news informative yet entertaining.

The future of news!

I am incredibly thankful for Mosheh and the news community he is growing. The balanced, fact driven with a smattering of pop culture and humor is exactly what everyone needs. The podcast can stand on it own (shout out to Jill!) and makes a wonderful compliment to the newsletter and Instagram account. I tell everyone I know about Mo News and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this information revolution!

Friendliest news podcast

I love listening to Mosh and Jill talk about the news. They recap all the important information about the stories they curate and refreshingly let their personalities shine in their conversations too. Mo News feels like listening to two smart friends talk about the news and has been a great addition to my morning news podcast rotation.

Love it

Not a fan of podcasts, but I make an exception for Mosh. So informative and so fun to listen to.

So glad I found this!

I was a Superman of Cheddar News’ Need2Know, and when it went dark at the end of 2021, I felt like I had a void in my podcast queue. I cannot remember how I came across Mo News, but I was delighted to discover that “friend of the pod” Mosheh and Jill Wagner were back! I just started to listen a few weeks ago, but I don’t miss a single episode! Love their willingness to be flexible (new taglines every other day? why not?) and give the news straight. It feels like talking with two friends (that said, I am a fellow “geriatric millennial!”)!

The only review I’ve ever felt compelled to write!!! Mosh and Jill are the best!

Mosh and Jill are just the best, I look forward to the podcast daily and every time I listen I think about how I wish everyone I know would just listen to this podcast for one of their news sources. I stay informed without being lead to believe any certain way about politics. Just the facts, always. Thank you Mosh and Jill for always being real!!

The best!!!

Love Mosh. Followed him on instagram and read the newsletter for a while, and always wanted them to do a podcast. Was so happy when Mosh and Jill started in June, and have listened almost everyday since. THANK YOU!

My Daily News Intake

This podcast and Mosh’s Instagram account are how I get my news every day. I love how he presents the news based on the facts and his own commentary is always very balanced. There just isn’t anyone else doing news like this right now. I feel Mosh is a source that Democrats and Republicans can both feel comfortable getting news from.


Mosh and Jill are so great! I follow Mosh on IG so this was a natural add for me - i was an avid The Daily listener and Mo News has become my go to now :)

News for my commute

Thank you for providing the most up to date news and facts daily!

My go-to news podcast

Informative, educational, and entertaining without sensationalizing any topic. It’s a staple of my morning routine!

Great show!

Best part of my morning routine! Mosh and Jill make a great news team.


This is my go to news podcast. Love Mo and Jill.

Yes! History tidbits too

Love this podcast! Great idea to add what happened on this day in history in addition of course to all the great news coverage!

My Favorite News Source

I’m 22 and I rarely turn on the TV and watch the news. I’m also not one to read every article from NYT but I wanted a simplified way to get an understanding of the main issues in the world today. I found this podcast in May when my hometown suffered a heinous shooting and Mosh was heavily covering the news on his insta. Well, I now look forward to every episode in the morning on my way to work/school. Its been my favorite way to receive and talk about the news. It’s welcoming, non-biased, educational, and interactive! I really enjoy Mosh’s Monday night lives and how he’s quick to respond to your questions. Doesn’t make you feel dumb or that it’s a bad question. I love this modern way of getting the news and I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing without it. Love love love Mosh, Jill, and Al!!!!

Love Mo and Jill!

My new favorite podcast! I’ve been listening to Up First and The Daily for years, but Mo News has quickly become my favorite source for news.

amazing find!

A good friend recommended this podcast to me and I’m so glad I trusted her! I love how simply you break down the most important stories, and how you really do your best to cover both sides if it is somewhat controversial. Your coverage of the midterm elections on Instagram live was amazing and I’m officially hooked. I already was a news junkie as a PR professional and owner of multiple businesses, but it’s been a struggle to find one place for news I can really enjoy consuming and get an unbiased opinion. You have delivered that. Please keep it up!

My go to

This podcast has become my go to news source! I found Mosh on IG 1.5 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Love the banter between Mosh and Jill!!

A breath of fresh air!

I’ve followed Mo News on Instagram for a while and was always so impressed with how thoroughly and accurately he presents the news. Thoughtfully presenting the news- not telling you what or how to think. This podcast is SO refreshing - I look forward to it every morning! They’re also funny and light hearted. It’s clear how passionate Mosh is about the news and creating a trustworthy news outlet again. I tell everyone to listen to this podcast for their morning news! My morning dog walk is always more enjoyable listening to the Mo News Podcast!!