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Just Another Way to Get My Mo News Fix

Mo News has been my go-to for information for a long time and now it’s like he’s reading it to me. Love commentary and the info. An overall great way to stay up to date on current events while getting a few laughs along the way. Definitely follow, listen and then follow on IG!

Unbiased, reliable, and accurate news

I’ve been following Mosh on Instagram for about a year now and his coverage of American as well as global events is phenomenal, accurate, and most importantly unbiased! So refreshing to get information on what’s going on without all the hot takes and be left to make my own opinion. Thanks Mosh🖤

Great way to stay informed!

Like having coffee and catching up with friends who are smarter than I am! 😜 great stuff!

Informative and “light”

I missed Carlo and Jill and am so glad she’s back doing a short pod with Mosh. They deliver the news but also add in some Lighthearted and humorous bits. I hope they expand to 5 days a week!


I have been following Mo on instagram for months, and I’m always watching the Monday night lives afterwards. This is SO much better for me and his coverage of news is impeccable. Truly “down the middle” and also helps you understand what he’s reporting on within context. Cannot recommend enough for anyone who wants to be an informed human.

Best way to get news!

Mosh has been my main source for all news on Instagram for a couple years and I’m so happy they started this podcast- love it so far and will be a regular listener for sure!


So glad this info is not in a podcast!!!!


I’m thrilled that Mosheh is bringing his magic of narrating the news to podcasting. And I thought I’d miss having his wife, Alex, not cohosting with him, but I’m loving Jill’s energy and knowledge. Thank you for making the news approachable and giving historical context to your stories.

The best news source available!!

This podcast will make you feel smart and you’ll enjoy every single second of listening to it. You’ll laugh and you’ll learn. You’ll be the most educated person at the dinner party. I’ve been religiously following Mosheh on Instagram since the start of the pandemic, reading his newsletters, listening to his interviews and eagerly awaiting this highly anticipated podcast. I’m thrilled to see that it’s now live and I plan to listen to every single episode. He breaks down the news objectively, thoroughly and with a dash of humor and wit. It’s such a joy to listen to and learn from Mosh. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast.

Excited for this

I’ve been following Mosh for a while on Instagram. I always appreciate his coverage of the news and fair analysis of what is going on. This podcast is so needed in a time when it’s hard to know what to make of anything we see in the news.

It’s perfect

I love Mosheh ever since I found him on Instagram. This podcast is PERFECT. I’ve been listening while I do my makeup in the morning, getting ready for my day.

Reliable, trustworthy

I’ve been following Mosh for about two years now on Instagram, attend the Monday night lives, subscribe to the newsletter and now am beyond excited for the podcast! I don’t always have time to read the newsletter so playing the pod during my day whenever I want is super nice! Mosh does a great job of providing balanced views while maintaining journalism integrity (and he’s a genuine, nice guy; along with his sweet wife, Al). When news breaks, he’s one of the first places I go to learn more. I’m very excited for what’s to come!

Best news podcast!!

Mo is one of my favorite follows on IG and is a great source of unbiased news. His podcast is great! I love Mo and Jill and how they discuss the news and I love their banter. I think this is easily my new #1 news podcast.

The news America needs

No spin. No fluff. Just what we need to know. Appreciate all the work Mosheh puts into curating the news


Mosheh has been my trusted source for news since the start of the pandemic and I am so excited and grateful to have a podcast from him and Jill!

My New Go-To News Podcast

Excellent first episode and about to listen to the second. I’ve been following Mosh on Instagram after hearing him interviewed on @sharonsaysso. As a former journalist and PR pro, I appreciate his reporting style very much. More approachable than many others.


Happy to finally see them come out with a podcast. I love catching up on news during a run and this makes that possible!

The news you need to be aware of

I have been an Instagram follower for awhile now, but I’m really happy with this platform to check in on the news a couple times a week. Solid reporting of the news that’s crucial to be aware of right now.

The News We Need!

This is the answer for those of us that want to be informed but are tired of the political infighting and clutter of mainstream media.

The best!

Thank God! Missed you guys! So happy you teamed up to bring us this podcast!

Literally only place to get news ..

Unbiased news on all topics - mainstream media needs to learn a lesson from this guy and his team!

We Want More!

So excited to have a morning podcast again!! Jill & Mo, welcome to my commute. 😊

Only Viable Source of Unbiased News

I’ve been an avid ready of Mosh News since Covid and have been patiently waiting for his podcast. If a random influencer can create a podcast overnight, most certainly Mosh’s context is 100% deserving of a podcast.

I have been waiting for this duo to permanently collab!

So excited about this! I have been waiting for Jill and Mosheh to pair up to bring news together since Mosheh was on Cheddar News. They have the best way to share what is happening. THANK YOU🙏🏼

Mosh is the best!

A no nonsense, trustworthy news source that helps parce the political landscape of today!

Loved this podcast!

This was beyond! I am not a news lover at all! But..... mosh and Jill really nailed it! I loved it soooooo much! They are great! Thank you 👍


I’ve been following @mosheh on Instagram for all of my news updates and the lives each Monday night with his wife @alsall. I’m thrilled that now there’s a Podcast too!! Nowhere else can I get better news but with @mosheh!!! Being informed is very important to me and I’m looking forward to listening along to the BEST source of news and cool topics!!! @mosheh and his wife @alsall are a great duo!!

Entertaining and informative

Mosheh is the perfect blend of entertaining and informative, and genuinely cares about facts and respectful dialogue. Thankful for his coverage!


Fantastic source for unbiased news. Trustworthy, reliable and reactive to what listeners are interested in. Give them a follow on Instas well, you will not be disappointed ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great first episode!

Excited to have Mosh news in an audio capacity! Reading on his stories is always nice but being able to multitask while getting an update is typically more convenient for me so this is fantastic.